A complete Hydrogen on Demand (HOD) kit gives a constant source of hydrogen

Safety first! A vacuum safety switch makes our kits *ultra* safe

The hydrogen generator sits right inside the water reservoir; Dry cell technology

The generator easily transfers from your old vehicle to your new one

No constant regulated flow of hydrogen, provided by motor vacuum, with gravity fed kit, many parts

TOP notch garages. Bob Peters is VERY well respected in the Ottawa area

Cheap price for SUPERIOR fuel MPG, other benefits you get! Top price is $1000., tax

Freeze kits. Protects against cold, ensures added CELL longevity

The Green Thing 5 gas analyzer tester shows 1000% less vehicle emissions

A 1 piece HOD kit is a easy install, takes about an hour, hooks right INTO motor vacuum

A HOD type kit and only a HOD type kit will steam clean the motor internals

Couriers/fleet owners: $$$, reduced maintenance, save gas, increase engine life

Visit our mother website in the USA, Fuel Genie Systems.

Check out what the FGS corporate site has to say about hydrogen

Fuel Genie Systems makes HOD kits which smartly and easily convert vehicles to hydrogen hybrids. The advantages are better MPG, 1000% reduction in emissions, more power, a cleaner motor, 2xs oil change life. The motor vacuum of the car plugs right into their 1 piece kit providing a constant, regulated flow of hydrogen to the engine. We are the official Canadian distributor for this one of a kind, world class product.


Click here to visit the FGS Website in the USASee a really cool easy install video
HHO generator in action

Our HHO generator is 2nd to none.

SE Hydrogen Hybrids sell HHO kits. Our hydrogen generator converts any car gas, diesel or electric hybrid to a superior fuel economy, more power, ZEV eco car. They are cheap and easy to install, work for 1.5 to 40 litre motors, farm and construction equipment.


ZEV, eco car, hho, what is an hho generator

And this is why we really do this. Our obligation to the problem we have created with automobile pollution which effects our family, friends and other inhabitants who have a stake in the earth.

hydrogen gas, zev, water car

Free Energy Generator makes hydrogen gas

Some people say our hho generator gives a 1000% upgrade in overall performance with the ZEV, enhanced mileage, fuel economy, more power, less vehicle maintenance. THESE FUEL CELLS ARE THE MOST ADVANCED AND EFFICIENT DESIGN OF HYDROXY GAS (HHO) INJECTION SYSTEMS FOR GASOLINE AND SMALL DIESEL ENGINES.THESE SYSTEMS WILL PRODUCE ENOUGH HHO GAS TO MOVE A 3,900 LB. SUV WITH A 3 LITER ENGINE, 40 MILES AT 65 MPH ON LESS THAN 1 AMP OF 12 VOLT POWER.

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Eco car whistle clean motor

A hho generator steam cleans (see our clean exhaust video) the motor giving eco car characteristics. This removes engine deposits, leaving the internal compartment of your vehicles engine whistle clean, even after years of build up. Running a hydrogen generator ensures you will never loose additional mileage due to engine wear, and DOUBLE the life of your motor oil. Look at our video section, please see our whistle clean motor video.

hho gas gives fuel economy and ZEV

Near Zero Emissions or ZEV

When you run a free energy generator, hydrogen, it has several positive characteristics about it. One is hydrogen fuel or gas supplement allows your motor to run cooler, less than 300 F at BDC (bottom dead centre). Nitrous gasses cannot form if the engine temperature is less than 300 F. Therefore running one of our hho kits turns ANY car into a near zero emissions vehicle.

hydrogen cars run on hho gas produced by a hydrogen generator

Is hydrogen fuel safe?

As our hydrogen generators hooked right into the motor VACUUM, we don’t store hydrogen gas onboard. There is just enough for use by the motor. Also, our hydrogen gas generators come with a vacuum safety switch, made exclusively for FGS only, which shuts down hydrogen production of the unit upon loss of vehicle vacuum (the motor stops running) which is a CRITICAL safety feature. We have built peace of mind into our hho kit.

Fuel economy from a water car. Some people ask what is a hho generator

See our dual fuel generator, HHO video section

Be sure to see our dual fuel generatorHHO video section. It includes the following:



  1. How hydrogen works. Secrets big oil doesn’t want you to know about HHO!
  2. Clean engine, hydrogen gas videos. See how whistle clean a motor gets!
  3. Simple install videos. See how easy it is to have hydrogen cars!
  4. 5 gas analyzer. The “Green Thing” shows why your car is a eco car, ZEV!



Fleet Owners - Use our hho generator

Fleet owners. Double the life of your fleet by running one a hho kit and save gas too! Running a hydrogen generator dramatically decreased internal motor deposits and wear!

hydrogen water generator, hho gas, hydrogen generators

Fleet owners, use hydrogen gas, reduce fuel consumption 25% long haul. 

Save $400 per month with HHO

Couriers save $400. per month using our hydrogen generators. Easy install. Pays for itself in 2 months and you get a ZEV eco car.


hydrogen generator cars, hho, hod, zev

An example of a courier type car using HHO.

Attractive pricing with our dual fuel generator

The real mission at SEHH is to help the environment. Our hho generator is very reasonably priced. Top end price to have hydrogen fuel for your vehicle is $1000. plus tax.

dual fuel generator, hydrogen generators cars, hydrogen on demand

Our dual fuel generator offers improved fuel economy and ZEV peace of mind.

Hydrogen fuel for construction and farm equipment

Hydrogen generators work on construction and farm equipment too. 1.5 to 40 litre motors. Use HHO gas today and help our environment.


hydrogen water generator, hho kits, hydrogen generators

Dozers like this spew out tonnes of black toxic exhaust. These emissions can be curbed by using a hydrogen fuel supplement.

Give us a call about our hydrogen generators

Good day to all. Our mission at FGS and SEHH is to help the environment. Sure our hydrogen generators are world class and uniquely good. Nobody else we can find has a hho kit that hooks right into the vacuum of the motor. This makes our kits stand alone as the ONLY true “hydrogen on demand” system available for cars. But as mentioned mother earth supports us minions. So give us a call, lets discuss our hydrogen kits and how your can help the earth too. As we, at SEHH are quite serious about our mission we get a bonus too. A product that not only helps save the earth, it helps you SAVE money too.


Our contact info is:

PH – 866-755-5922