We represent, and are the authorized Canadian distributor for, Fuel Genie Systems USA. We are known as SE Hydrogen Hybrids in Canada. 

Our product saves YOU tons on the cost of GAS. Our mileage guarantee is at least 20 to 30% better MPG or we refund 85% of YOUR money. It also turns YOUR vehicle into a GREEN VEHICLE and dramatically helps OUR environment.

What does SE stand for?

Supercharged Eco-Friendly... 

We find, that adding a hydrogen generator, such as we have, to your car is a 1000% performance increase... You get waymore power, dramatically improved MPG and a green vehicle. Amongst other things!

This is a hydrogen generator made by Fuel Genie Systems. It has a electrical connection, a motor vacuum hose connection, mounting bracket and that is it when it comes to install. It installs in less than an hour on most vehicles. Notice the black disc at the bottom of the water container. That is where the core which sits in the electrolytic water solution and produces the hydrogen gas; The core sits right inside the water canister. The gas is sucked directly from the canister, by motor vacuum, into the motor. All the "discrete" components are found underneath the sealed black top. Our hydrogen generator uses a electronic safety switch. If you are in an accident and your motor stops running, the electronic switch senses a no-motor running condition and immediately shuts off hydrogen gas production. We think this is quite an important safety feature. You be the judge. We also have/use a 6 volt transformer. The transformer and electronic safety switch are the only discrete components we use, or need to use, due to the motor vacuum interface our hydrogen generator is designed around. This is is "true" hydrogen on demand generator. The gas is used directly and evenly by the motor.


1 piece Unit

Easy install

Electronic hydrogen gas cutoff safety switch

Minimal discrete circuitry

Freeze strip - good to -50c at least

Motor vacuum interface - provides an even and constant flow of hydrogen gas to the motor for proper operation

Clear water canister and light kit allows for easy inspection of running unit, gas production and fluid levels

This is a hydrogen generator which people would find on google with a simple search. Notice all the parts and "discrete" components it has. Electrical wiring and connectors, a relay, fuses, PWM, a separate water reservoir; the blue container in the back left, a separate electrolytic cell (the green unit), a dryer. About a 2 hour install, minimum. Quite a few parts. As you can see, the 2 kits are different. This is what people see/read about on google and it really sours (rightfully so) their opinions regarding hydrogen generator kits. Simply put, the interface is wrong and provides an uneven flow of hydrogen gas to the engine. One reason why it does not work properly in most cases for people. The electronic core and the water reservoir are separate. The interface to the motor is through the air intake box with this type of HHO kit. The water is provided to the electrolytic cell by the reservoir, the gas is made inside the electrolytic cell. It then dribbles up to the air intake box, via plastic tubing where is it then used by the engine. This would make the flow of hydrogen gas to the motor uneven. The suction or vacuum in the air intake box is also, uneven.


Water reservoir and hydrogen generator are SEPARATE!

Many pieces, a hard and complex install

No hydrogen gas cut off safety switch; gas production in a non-motor running state

Many discrete pieces Rubber gaskets and seals; No freeze strip

Air box/Air intake interface; Very inefficient and not proper for application of hydrogen to the vehicles engine

Cannot view production of gas, workings of unit, generator fluid levels



Here is a breakdown of our hydrogen generator kit

Notice all the features it has:

  • 5000 MILES per refill, based on 5 litre motor
  • Enclosed hydrogen gas cut off safety switch
  • A "TRUE" Hydrogen on Demand System
  • Illuminated; Shows fluid levels and gas production
  • Fused power cables
  • Install manual
  • Titanium core with 5 year guarantee
  • Freeze strip provided with every unit
  • Water stays clean and clear, never needs maintenance, no rust

The titanium core feature of this unit is very important. It never corrodes or rusts, which means the water always stays clear. It also allows for hydrogen gas to be produced using less than .5 amps, draw on your vehicles electrical system, for a 6.8 litre motor; That is VERY impressive, it is quite conductive electrically. This type of core material also produces a chemical strand in the gas produced, and when analyzed, these strands make up the components of gun powder. For even more pop and compression in every cylinder stroke.


FGS FLAGSHIP SLIMModel Hydrogen Generator Kit

Titanium Core, SAN Acrylic Reservoir, Freeze Strip, 14.5 inches high, vacuum hose, Electrical, supply of electrolyte



RESERVOIR: 100% SAN acrylic body with polypropylene top


$$$ Just $650. CDN + Tax


One time adhesive backing

Takes less amperage than the LED display on your car's radio display

Provides protection against the cold to at least -50 C

Heat from strip transfers easily through the opaque water canister

$$$ Just $150. CDN., + TAX  when sold separate


Pre-programmed to your vehicle's motor type

Plug and play. No splicing, dicing or anything required. Just plug it in and drive 

$$$ Just $200. CDN + Tax.

Our Guarantees:

If you do not like our products for ANY reason, simply return it within 3 weeks of receiving your shipment. We will credit you with 85% of your purchase price. The electrical cabling can be all cut up, vacuum hose butchered in small pieces. As long as the generator, Volo, Freeze Strip and the wiring harness associated with the Volo, Freeze Strip are all returned correct and undamaged, we will refund 85% of your money. This gives our customers ample time to install and verify the mega mileage increase they get with our generators. If you don't like the generator for any reason, just ship the unit back to us.

The titanium core of the unit is guaranteed for 5 years.

The freeze strip protects the unit to -50C

The unit can be moved from your old vehicle to your new one, all warrantees stay in place.

Keep up to date with us - Check out our fB page. It has a lot of stuff on the wall, more than I can house on this website... 

Thanks in Advance, Dave Scrivens - President and CEO Fuel Genie Systems Canada and SE Hydrogen Hybrids



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