Does HHO Really Work?


Well, this is why you are here... Our HHO generators. You want to save money on gas, you want extended oil changes, you want to have a eco friendly, 1000% less emissions vehicle that also gets enhanced engine life due to the addition of a hydrogen generator. 




HHO really does work, and if you have a professional proper system like ours, you will get at least 20% better MPG with our kit installed. A typical install yields at least 30% better MPG.

Stanley Meyer got this working a way back when, back in the stone ages. When we had tin cans with strings for telephones, the late nite radio was our TV show and had a bear cat on it, and we walked 2 miles to school... Now, we send people to the moon. Has technology not advanced enough so the right type of kit might work? It is hard to get a working HHO kit... But if Stanley can get something working 1/2 properly a way back when, surely we can get it working completely right. There are also other things like patents on hydrogen carburetors from different inventors over time. Google it if you wish.

So how does OUR HHO Generator really work?

We at Fuel Genie Systems Canada do NOT claim hydrogen is some type of magical fuel. Simply put. It is NOT!

Do You know how HARD it is to convert a gasoline engine so that it runs PROPERLY NOT ROUGH, at least 80% efficiency? That is what we do at FGS with our hydrogen generatorkits...

What we do is leverage the "properties" (water, burn rate, gaseous components) of the hydrogen gas to improve MPG. We are in agreement that you cannot get more out of hydrogen than you use to create it from your alternator. But we leverage its properties to improve motor efficiency. This is all we do. Anyone can agree if you improve efficiency in something from 35% to over 80%, you WILL get better results.

Our HHO generator system produces hydrogen gas. The motor interface is directly connected to the canister. Therefore it sucks the hydrogen gas, right from the canister. This provides a constant and even flow of gas to the motor, in a closed loop configuration which really makes a huge difference. These 2 factors make up a lot of the unique workings of the kit.

This allows us to run a motor in a LEAN configuration. You guessed it, lean means lean the gas so you save on fuel.

BUT! Running a motor in a lean configuration can overheat it and/or reduce engine life.

A water type HHO generator also has a "small" water component associated with the hydrogen gas. This cools the motor and keeps it running at normal operating temperature, without overheating or causing excessive wear. Even when it is run in a lean configuration. We know the water component cools the motor adequately as, as per our 5 gas analyzer tester, we have no nitrous gases. Nitrous gases can only be present if the temperature of a motor is above 300 F at bottom dead center (BDC) of the cylinder stroke when emissions are expelled.

Therefore we are able to run a motor in a lean configuration, making it more efficient, but without overheating it and improve MPG. The fact that the motor draws the hydrogen gas from the canister into the fuel system in a closed loop active manner allows for constant cooling, and also makes quite a big difference in the delivery of the hydrogen gas for use by the motor.

Running a motor in a lean configuration burns the fuel mixture, much more completely.

Our 5 Micron "Ionized" Stainless Steel filter is ANOTHER key...

If you hook up a water type device to the motor, it can really damage it if the device does not function right. Our kit has been in production 7 years now and has many patents. The filter is one. It only allows the correct amount of fluids through to a motor which provide cooling and other positive properties associated with a fuel supplement (hydrogen gas) that also has a water component mixed with the gaseous vapour. A little water is quite good for a motor. A incorrect amount will toast the motor. 

Hydrogen gas has a hotter burn rate....

This helps too when it comes to increasing MPG. Running your motor in a lean configuration burns the fuel mixture much more completely this improves motor efficiency and therefore we get increased MPG. We can do that with our motor vacuum generator kit without overheating it, that is what makes us unique. But there is more. 

Hydrogen burns hotter in the chamber of the cylinder than gasoline does. This burns the gasoline fuel mixture even more completely for even more MPG!

A TITANIUM core gives an additional 3 MPG on top of all other savings...

If the HHO generator has a titanium core producing the hydrogen gas the gaseous vapour also contain "other" chemical components; that make up gun powder. This gives even more of an explosion in the cylinder for even more MPG.

Our HHO generator kit also has a hydrogen gas cut off safety switch...

Although HHO generator kits have been used in vehicles for almost 20 years (including some police forces) now, we have never heard of an accident or explosion created by the use of these kits. Never the less, having a motor vacuum kit does have a lot of advantages. We use running voltage of the car to regulate hydrogen gas production with this switch. The switch senses increased engine load via higher voltages created by a motor running condition. No motor vacuum or engine running condition, no hydrogen gas production; the switch turns off/on hydrogen gas production. 

So in regards to HHO generators working to improve fuel efficiency, reduce green house gases, and save you money, we at Fuel Genie Systems Canada think they do if you have the correct type of HHO generator. See us today


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